Abhinav Printers' nifty range of bill books and recepit books is a must-have on your work desk. Bill books come with duplicate and triplicate copies. Duplicate copy means it will be 1+1 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 1 duplicate copy. Triplicate copy means it will be 1+2 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 2 duplicate copies. These books and vouches are widely used almost in all companies which have not yet shifted to POS invoicing system which generates the bill automatically.

Even companies which have shifted to POS and ERP completely still keep them as backup as POS failure percentage is high and sales can't stop. Proper maintenance of the record and no major qualification required for using bill books is another advantage.

Bill book standard size is A5 size. A4 size is the size of the normal photocopier paper. When A4 paper is folded from the center it becomes an A5 size paper, so A5 size is exactly half of an A4 paper. Bill book can be printed in A4 size as well.

  • 25, 50 or 100 sheets per pad
  • Available in standard, bond, textured, recycled paper quality.
  • Delivered right at your doorstep.

  • Keep things on track with sequential numbering.
  • Striking design isn't synonymous with big design.
  • Your logo and organization colors should be prominent in your notepad design.

We offer a range of bill book sizes from A6 to A2 - or you can even print your own custom bill book size by getting in touch with our team on +91 98290 58271.

Each standard notebook is printed on 100gsm uncoated stock throughout. Alternative paper grades and thicker cover options can be supplied upon request.

The right print method will depend on a number of factors; including the type of product and the quantity, print quality and turnaround time you require. We can provide both litho and digital printing in-house.