Get identified in style now! Print professional photo ID cards for your employees through us and get them customised with your company name and brand logo on it! Custom ID cards with holograms are great for government agencies, schools and large and small businesses. You can order as many personalized ID cards for employees as you need, and you can always order more if you expand.

Abhinav Printer's makes sure that your card contains enough information for your company's employee. Our PVC ID Card templates are of the standard business size of 85 mm X 54 mm.

There are some policies which we cater during the production of PVC ID CARDS. We do not print Identity Cards for large corporate clients without an authorization letter. We also do not print any Government ID Cards / Pan Card / Aadhaar card / Driving License. Abhinav Printers ensures that these PVC cards are tailored for your business needs, with options in badge types and loyalty cards, with high durability.

  • Industry specific predefined designs available.
  • Single side and double side printing options.
  • Standard size of 85mm * 54mm

  • The most important aspect of an ID card is the photo of the employee. Use a large and clear image.
  • Avoid over-complicated designs with too many images or fancy fonts.
  • The name of your organization should appear prominently on the card.
  • Check that your ID card design works well with the holder.

If you have a theme or certain set of colors for your brand, use these as guides for your custom design. Keep color schemes more or less related to the key colors of your brand, as this will help make your brand and design cohesive.

We take approximately 5-7 business days to print from the day the artwork is approved.

Always start by making an list of the elements you want to include on the cards:

  • Text
  • Illustrations: logos and images
  • Photo of the cardholder
  • Barcodes or QR codes

The GST will be 18% on PVC ID card.