Abhinav Printers provides you with spot lamination business cards to help your logo and business stand out. Enchant your acquaintances with spot gloss business cards that glisten modestly, adorning your business logo with its deserved spotlight.

Printed on premium 16PT card stock, our Gloss Laminated Business Cards offer a 3mil protective gloss (applied to both sides) making them 22PT thick. The lamination not only protects the cards from chipping and cracking along the sides, but they are also water and tear resistant.

It's a favorite design of creative professionals and businesses including graphic designers, design studios, and artists who want to promote their services while showcasing their work in a unique way. The 350gsm cardstock is recommended by Abhinav Printers for designs This material gives your card a more professional look and a slight rigidity that communicates reliability.

  • Industry specific predefined designs available.
  • Great for readability & easy to write on.
  • Printing turnaround as fast as one day
  • Standard size of 3.5" * 2.1" (90*54mm)

  • Include websites, email addresses, fax numbers, mobile numbers, and other contact particulars.
  • Avoid using the calligraphy lettering style with details.
  • While bright colors are good for giving a touch of freshness and excitement, too many colors are not desirable.
  • Business card design ideas are more useful if they include QR Codes.

No. Graphics and images will make your card more appealing to the eye. But beyond a logo or background image, graphics and images can clutter the visiting card.

No, they are not waterproof. But, they are water-resistant. This means they will stand up well when in contact with a small amount of water. If submerged in water, they will become damaged.

Yes, absolutely. Each order is a custom order and we will match your current business card design if you have one that you would like to use for this project.

The GST will be 12% on visiting card.